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My Home Pathway is Piloting a Partnership with Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco to help you on your path to homeownership

Here are two ways My Home Pathway can help you:


If you want to be ready when new Habitat GSF homes become available, we built an app for you to improve your financial health and prepare for homeownership with Habitat GSF*


If you were not selected by Habitat GSF for homeownership, our app can help you improve your credit and financial health to prepare you for other homeownership opportunities *

And the best part, there is no cost to you.

Here's How It Works

Regardless of credit score, student loan balance, or income, we know that with the right tools, education, and guidance, we can help get you into your first home. 


Here's how we help:

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STEP 1: Home Readiness Report

It starts with a clear and honest assestment of where you are now

The first step is connecting your bank and credit info, along with the price of the home you are looking to buy. With those inputs our algorithm will calculate your readiness and give you a letter grade, just like the ones from school. 

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STEP 2: Starting on Your Path

Now we start providing recommendations and coaching 

Based on your Home Readiness Grade, we will then provide you with actionable recommendations via our app. Now you have guidance on how to improve your grade.

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STEP 3: Learning the Rules of the Game

Understanding How Credit and Loans Work is Essential

With our customized Financial Literacy quizzes and lessons, we teach you rules of the finance game and empower you to take control of your personal finances. 

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STEP 4: Getting you to Approval

It's time to get your mortgage loan lined up

After completing our program and improving your grade we help you get your loan prequalified or pre-approved and match you to a lending partner so you can start house hunting for real! 


The best part? Our service is completely FREE for you.


We’re in this together now. We only win when you win.

Let's Get Started on Your Path to Homeownership

Download Now!

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And follow us on social for motivation, tips, financial education and more:


Participation in My Home Pathway does not ensure entry or admission to a Habitat GSF Home.  My Home Pathway guides individuals to homeownership options outside of Habitat GSF.  If you participate in the My Home Pathway program and are still interested in Habitat GSF, you will still need to apply with Habitat GSF directly:

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