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My Home Pathway Selected for the EY Entrepreneurs Access Network for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The Entrepreneurs Access Network supports Black and Latinx entrepreneurs to further grow their businesses and reinvest in their communities

New York, NY — The inaugural cohort includes select entrepreneurs across the US, including Castleigh Johnson of My Home Pathway based in New York, NY.

Black and Latinx business owners who applied for the program were evaluated based on certain criteria and placed within “Curated” and “OnDemand” categories. Black and Latinx entrepreneurs will receive access to resources, networks and capital connections through a planned curriculum and teaming of collaborating companies and organizations.

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About My Home Pathway

At My Home Pathway, we believe that homeownership isn’t just the right of the few. Homeownership is an achievable goal for all Americans. Regardless of credit score, student loan balance, or how much wealth one comes from, we know that with the right tools, education, and guidance, we can positively impact the financial health of generations to come through the power of homeownership. Our mission is to teach you how to build wealth, train you to improve financial habits, and achieve the freedom your dream of.

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