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My Home Pathway - How we help you achieve home ownership

At My Home Pathway, we believe that home ownership isn't just the right of the few - it's critical to start building wealth for you and yours. You may not have the traditional profile to qualify for a mortgage today, but that doesn't mean you can't accomplish this goal. My Home Pathway is here to help you navigate the mortgage loan process - ensuring you get approved.

Here's how it works:


- Opt-in - download the app and set up your profile

- Understand where you are - We provide you with a Home Buyer Readiness Report for an. honest look at where you are in the approval process.

- Let's Start Building - We provide you with personalized recommendations and financial tips to make you smarter about money and show you how to get back on track.

- Map Your Milestones - See your progress along the way in real time, using our app as a guide.


- Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat - our suggestions and your commitment will help you develop the profile lenders are looking for.

- Get Pre-Approved - My Home Pathway will expedite your pre-approval process with partners looking for smart home buyers like you.

- Find Your Home - Get the house you've had your eye on, knowing you can complete your loan.

- It's Closing Time! - You did it! Grab the keys, high five and celebrate.

"We believe that regardless of where you start - credit score, student loans, or how much wealth you come from - anyone can own a home." - Castleigh Johnson, Founder

My Home Pathway revolutionizes the home buying process by empowering a new generation to build generational wealth, increase financial health and build the life they want.

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