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My Home Pathway Helps Customers Build Credit in Partnership with Self Financial

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

My Home Pathway, an app that helps users improve their financial health and navigate the mortgage loan process, has partnered with Self Financial to help its customers build their credit and put them on the path to homeownership.

Through it’s Credit Builder Accounts, Self enables consumers to build credit while building savings (minus fees and interest) and establish a positive payment history with on-time monthly payments.

With payment history making up 35% of FICO® credit scores*, the Self platform aligns with My Home Pathway’s mission to teach users how to build wealth through education, train them to improve financial habits, and achieve financial freedom through home ownership. My Home Pathway will recommend Self’s services as part of its recommendation engine.

"This partnership is critical in quite a few ways, it has an immediate impact on our users and those that will join our platform to give them credit for their good behavior. It also shows that two startups can collaborate to try to positively impact change for minority communities and beyond- and this is just the start. Watch what else is coming," says Castleigh Johnson, Founder & CEO.

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*Source: FICO®

About My Home Pathway

At My Home Pathway, we believe that homeownership isn’t just the right of the few. Homeownership is an achievable goal for all Americans. Regardless of credit score, student loan balance, or how much wealth one comes from, we know that with the right tools, education, and guidance, we can positively impact the financial health of generations to come through the power of homeownership. Our mission is to teach you how to build wealth, train you to improve financial habits, and achieve the freedom your dream of.

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About Self Financial

Self Financial is working to increase economic inclusion and financial resilience through products that enable people to build credit while building savings. With no hard credit check to get started, Self's signature credit builder products are designed to make building credit and savings accessible, regardless of financial history. Download the Self app at the Apple App Store or Google Play or visit for more information.

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