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Financial Empowerment: 3 Tips To Start Today

We sat down with personal finance expert, Adrienne Taylor-Wells, founder of Tailored Wealth Saver, for the first in a series of events for My Home Pathway's June Economic Empowerment Month.

As a personal finance expert, Adrienne relayed the importance of financial literacy and empowerment for women, as well as her top three tips for how women can maximize their financial power, and get started TODAY.

Interested in money and budgeting at an early age, Adrienne's journey to learning about personal finances started after her mother was laid off. Feeling a need to pitch in, Adrienne took a job at Chik Fil A as a teenager and quickly learned about how people earn but also spend the money they make. This inspired her to follow a career in personal finance and budgeting to help others.

We asked Adrienne to share her tips on where to start when it comes to personal finances and feeling empowered around money.

Tip #1 - Mindset

It is so important to really change your behavior around money, credit repair, homeownership and anything financial. Just like Adrienne's favorite Maya Angelou said: "If you don't like something change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."

Tip #2 - SMART Goals

The next tip she tells her customers is to always follow the SMART method and apply it to personal finance goals.

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Action Oriented

R - Realistic

T - Time Based

By creating goals and structuring them like this allows you to keep better track of your goals and keeps you accountable along the way to personal financial freedom.

Tip #3 - Automate It.

Her last tip is “automate it” - this helps a lot in saving and budgeting - such as setting automated deposits to get you saving. We are only human, so creating these automatic transfers you will save even when you don’t realize.


Lastly, we asked Adrienne Taylor-Wells what she wishes she could tell her younger self. “Simple. Start Now. Start budgeting, start researching, and start planning. Don’t push it off. Your money can start working for you, but you have to start now."

Looking for more ways to take control of your finances and get empowered? Be sure to sign up for our next event on Entrepreneurship and Small Business, specifically how to channel your vision and purpose into profits. Register here

Looking to connect with Adrienne? Follow her on IG at @TailoredWealthSaver

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