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How My Home Pathway Works to Help You

Our App is a Risk Transformation Engine.  

Banks and Lenders evaluate their mortgage applicants based on a variety of factors, but what they are really looking to understand is whether or not you will be a good customer. In other words, they want to make sure you are good for the money and will continue to make payments over the term of the loan. 

Given the size of Mortgages, they are the biggest consumer credit product out there, lenders want to make sure that each applicant is very qualified. That's where My Home Pathway comes in.

With the help of our propriety algorithm and recommendation engine, we can assess your current qualification status and deliver ongoing recommendations and guidance to improve your grade and put you on the path to loan approval and homeownership. Here's how this process works:
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Home Readiness Report

The first step is connecting your bank and credit info, along with the price of the home you are looking to buy. With those inputs our algorithm will calculate your readiness and give you a letter grade, like the ones from school. 

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Get on the Path

Based on your Home Readiness Grade, we will then provide you with actionable recommendations via our app. Now you have guidance on how to improve your grade.

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Learn and Stay on the Path

With our customized Financial Literacy quizzes and lessons, we teach you rules of the game and empower you to take control of your personal finances. 

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Getting Your Loan Approved

After completing our program and improving your grade we help you get your loan pre-approved and match you to a lending partner so you can start house hunting for real! 

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Your Data Is Safe

As a My Home Pathway user your data is critical. We don't share your data without your permission even with our partners. 

We only utilize your data for us to provide the most impactful recommemdations or resources that benefit you to achieve the dream of homeowmership and wealth creation. 

Our data security and storage is cloud enabled and continues to be enhanced as our cloud provider is the largest and most secure in the industry.