Frequently Asked Questions

Will the credit report pull necessary in the app negatively affect my credit score?

Our credit pull is a Soft Inquiry as does not impact your credit score. You will be able to see the number of Hard inquiries in your report once you connect to see your report.

What if I don’t have an online bank account to connect to the app?

At this time we can only provide the Home Buyer Readiness report and recommendations for our members that have an online account. If you need help finding a good bank with online services, please contact us at

How do I know my personal information will be safe?

We take your privacy and information security seriously and we utilize bank level security and access procedures to protect your personal information. If you ever have any questions or concerns please contact us to discuss .

How much does My Home Pathway cost?

Our service is free to you and will always be.

What is My Home Buyer Readiness Report?

This is our assessment of where you are currently and helps us determine the best recommendations to improve your profile on your path to Home Ownership.

Does My Home Pathway make payments on my behalf?

We do not make payments on your behalf and no employee or agent of My Home Pathway will make a request to that effect. We will encourage you to set up automatic payments for fixed expenses and manage your other expenses as closely as possible.

Does MHP work nationwide?

Yes, we are a nationwide platform.

What if I live in Canada?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide our services, North of the Border (Canada) at this time but we will certainly keep you informed if we expand to Canada in the future.

What is My Credit Grade?

Your credit score translated to a grade scale.

I changed my password on my bank account, how do I update that in MHP?

Please log back into your My Home Pathway Account and reconnect your bank account as the previous password and connection will no longer work.

My credit card number changed. How do I delete my old card and add the new one?

We do not store your credit card details, so no action is required.

How long does the program take?

That program could take as little as 3 months or up more than 9 months, depending on a few factors. These include how much improvement is needed in each category such as credit score, debt to income ratio or down payment. It also depends on your commitment to execute on the recommendations given. If you are committed, we are as well and can get your approval ready as quickly as possible.

If I already meet all underwriting requirements, can you still help me?

Yes we can. We can help you identify and work with a fair lender that will provide a good quality loan that is affordable to you. We are also able to help you find potential down payment assistance programs that you may qualify for.

If I have a co-applicant on my Mortgage loan, do they also need to meet the criteria for approval?

Yes, both applicants for their loan to be approved have to meet the underwriting criteria from the lenders. That’s why it’s important to also get your co-applicant on the program so that you both will have a better chance of being approved.

How do I change my contact information?

Please visit the profile section of the App and update your information and save.

Can I change the “Dream Home” amount in the app?

Yes, you can change your Dream Home Amount, but we want to remind you that your house purchase amount should be attainable with your current income level for you to qualify for a mortgage.

What if I have multiple bank accounts I need to connect?

You can visit the bank account section and add a new bank account by selecting the new bank and entering your username and password.

Am I allowed to use my chosen name / true name in setting up my accounts?

At this time we would need the name that matches your government and credit report. We believe in everyone’s right to self determination and will work to provide a more inclusive profile as soon as possible.

If my Profile improves to Ready, am I guaranteed a mortgage loan?

We cannot guarantee that but we are extremely confident that if you achieve ready status, one of our lending partners will be able to provide you a fair loan deal.

Will my partner be able to see my credit score?

Your partner will not be able to see your credit score but will be able to see your credit grade.

How does MHP score me?

We look at a broader set of your financial data and provide a simple grade score that takes into account your credit and banking data and show you where you are today.